Things to bring each day:

  • A Healthy Lunch in a named lunchbox (if they are staying for lunch). Please see our Healthy Eating page for suitable lunch ideas.
  • Clothing that's easy to run around in, easy to use when visiting the toilet, and you do not mind getting dirty. All named.
  • Sensible footwear that they can run around in (trainers or closed in shoes). Crocs, wellies, flip-flops and open toed sandals are not allowed, as children can easily twist their ankles or stub toes when doing activities. All named.

Also a named back-pack/bag/holdall (not drawstring) for:

  • A complete change of clothes (including socks and a pair of plimsolls, in case of little accidents that get their feet wet too!) Please put your child’s name on the outside of the bag so that we can quickly identify it, the bottom or the back of the bag is fine so that strangers  cannot name your child.
  • Appropriate outerwear (coat, jumper/cardigan, sun/winter hat wellington boots) as we use the outdoor play space all year round.

Children will not need to change into plimsolls on arrival to preschool; these are purely as a backup in case of accidents. However, if your child arrives in wellingtons, they will need alternative footwear for indoor play.

For those children who are in Nappies/Pull-Ups:

  • Wipes
  • Nappies or Pull-Ups (enough for the day, plus a few extras)

For those children who have recently Potty Trained, or are going through the process:

  • Underwear (several pairs) - All named
  • Trousers/tights/leggings/skirts/shorts/socks (two or three changes) - All named
  • Nappy sacks/bags for wet clothing

Do not bring toys

Please leave toys and special items at home. It causes distress if children don’t want to share or if they get lost or damaged. 

Preschool takes no responsibility for lost or broken toys from home.

Jewellery is not allowed for health and safety purposes.