A Parent’s guide to the Baby’s Days system

This guide has been written to help and advise Parents whose child is in care with a childcare setting that uses the Baby’s Days system.

The information detailed below should provide you with a better understanding of how the Baby’s Days system works, why your childcare setting uses the Baby’s Days system and how you login and start using the system.

What is Baby’s Days?

Baby's Days is a complex yet simple way to manage online software system for childcare settings and parents, the system

has been designed and developed to assist childcare settings with the forms and paperwork involved around all areas

of the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage, which includes the structure of Learning, Development and Care.

Baby’s Days was designed and developed over a one year period with help from numerous Early Year Practitioners

and experts and is the most advanced online software system of its type and ensures that your childcare setting

meets the required areas of the EYFS quickly, simply and efficiently.

Baby’s Days is the only system available that allows you as a parent to connect to the system to view information

relating to your child, for example you can connect to the system and view your child’s daily diaries, photographs, their

overall progress achievement and much more.

In addition for the childcare setting, communicating with you is a breeze, for example when they have created your

child’s daily diary, you will be sent an e-mail informing you that it is available online for viewing, you can then connect

to the system, view the diary and even leave notes on the system for your child’s carer to read.

About Baby’s Days.

Baby’s Days was launched in April 2010 after one year of design and development and has quickly become the most

successful and widely used software application of its type used by thousands of childcare settings across the UK and

the World!

Baby’s Days is upgraded and enhanced on a monthly basis to offer new features to both you and the childcare setting,

these upgrades incorporate features that benefit both parties.

Why Baby’s Days?

Baby’s Days helps reduce the work load and paperwork that your childcare setting must complete, the system

transfers a large majority of their paperwork onto a live online system that is far more efficient than boxes of

paperwork and much easier to use and manage children’s data. In addition many of our customers state that by using

Baby’s Days they learn more about the EYFS and are able to monitor and track children’s development and progress

far more efficiently which ultimately benefits you and your child.

The intelligent system has been proven to save childcare settings hours on paperwork, time consuming tasks such as

creating a Child's diary through to monitoring a Child's progress now just takes a few minutes, there is no need for

them to enter necessary data more than once, as all areas of the system communicate with each other.

As a parent with a child in care with a childcare setting using the Baby’s Days system, you are now privileged to see

far more information relating to your child than you ever could before.

What can I see on the system?

Your childcare setting can provide you with access to their Baby’s Days system and once connected you will be able

to see data and information relating to your child only, exactly what you will be able to see is determined by the

childcare setting, however, this could include the following areas:


This is the first page that you arrive at once you have logged in, click on this icon to be taken back to

the home page.

Pin Code

Certain sections on the system require you to enter a 4 digit Pin code that only you are aware of, you

will need to go to this section to setup or change your Pin code.


This section details information the childcare setting has about your child including allergies, emergency

contact and other important information, be sure to check in here and advise your childcare setting if

any of the information is incorrect or needs to be updated.

Daily Diaries

Where you can view your child’s daily diaries including a selection of information ranging from general

activities to what your child ate, photographs and videos for the day, how long they slept and even how

many wet or soiled nappies they had that day!

Progress / Learning Journey

This section shows achievement dates, progress and observation notes, next steps and also

photographs of your child’s general development from birth to five years old.


Every childcare setting has a selection of policies that will need to be agreed to and signed by you,

Baby’s Days makes this process easier for you and your childcare setting, if you have policies that need

to be signed you will not be able to view other areas of the system until you have signed the policies.


More information for you to sign, but they are just as important as the Policies, this allows you to quickly

and easily agree and sign the permission forms for the childcare setting, if you have permissions that

need to be signed you will not be able to view other areas of the system until you have signed the



Short and Long term medications and Accidents & Incidents can be found in the Medical section, if the

childcare setting has administered medication to your child you can see exactly when it was

administered within this section. There may also be a requirement for you to sign off forms within this


Attendance Register

This section displays exactly when your child arrived and departed the childcare setting every day, by

law every childcare setting must record this information and store it for a number of years.


Within the bookkeeping section you will find your weekly or monthly invoices so you know exactly how

much you have paid or need to pay.

Photograph Galleries

Here you will find a selection of photographs of your child, there are three photograph galleries in total

so be sure to look through them all.


Within the communicate section you will find newsletters and copies of QuickMessages that have been

sent to you, in addition you can also send a private message to your child’s carer(s).

Food Menus

The food menus section details the meals that will be provided to your child for this week and future

weeks for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.

How secure is Baby’s Days?

Baby’s Days is the most secure online system of its type, unlike other systems available to the childcare industry,

every Baby’s Days system is completely unique to each setting, when your childcare setting purchased their Baby’s

Days system we configured them their own personal system located on our secure cloud servers based at our data

centre in Manchester.

When you or your childcare setting connects to this personal system you can rest assured that it is 100% impossible

for any other customer’s data to be seen on this system or, vice versa, for the data on this system to be leaked onto

any other system.

In addition when you connect, you will only be able to see data and information related to your child, you will not under

any circumstances be able to see any other child’s data and likewise, no other parent on this system will be able to

see any data relating to your child.

When you or your childcare setting connects to the system all data transfer is encrypted, in other words, while data is

being sent to the system it cannot be read during transmission.

In addition every Baby’s Days system is monitored 24 hours a day and any possible attack or hack attempt on the

system is blocked and reported to our live team. 

To view the full parents user guide please use the link below